Classroom Learning

IPI Learning offers an infrared training course for all types of thermography, where enrolment is open to the public. Our open enrolment thermography training courses are regularly held in West Windsor and at other locations throughout United States. Open enrollment courses offer several distinct advantages to students. Among these are:

  • Classroom setting dedicated to infrared training
  • Opportunity to meet with other professionals from around the world
  • Ability to test drive several types of infrared cameras
  • Freedom from the constant distractions of the office

Flexible Learning

IPI Learning’s Flexible Learning certified thermography courses allow you to complete the theoretical portion of your certification in your own time, at your own desk, as well as enjoying the interactive benefits of classroom learning for the practical experiments and equipment operation.

The Flexible Learning thermography courses are perfect for people who:

  • Don’t have time to spend 5 days in a classroom
  • Understand that hands on experience is an essential part of a thermography certification
  • Are self-employed contractors who need to study after hours or to juggle it with work commitments
  • Are essential employees who need the flexibility to study in between doing their daily tasks at work

Distance Learning

With IPI Learning’s Distance Learning, you get the same quality course content for which we are famous for

  • We utilize state-of-the-art web servers and dynamic multimedia resources to provide a unique, quality educational experience.
  • Our Distance Learning courses meet all ASNT training requirements for the certification of NDT personnel.
  • Our Distance Learning Courses are based upon our Level I, II, and III courses and meet all ASNT training requirements for  the certification of NDT personnel.
  • All courses are taught by Infraspection Institute Level 3 Certified InfraredThermographers®, each having over 20 years of professional experience.
  • Infraspection Institute’s Distance Learning Courses are divided into narratedone-hour online infrared lecture training units allowing you to work at a pace that’s convenient for you.
  • Each course unit is designed to build upon the previous units of the course.You may return to individual online course units at any time for review.
Level 1 Certified Infrared Training – Online Course

Onsite Learning

Onsite Mentoring and Consultancy

IPI Learning trainers are available to provide you with onsite infrared training, mentoring and consultancy services at your work place. Our services include:

  • Development of a customised infrared inspection program
  • On-the-job training, providing you with step by step guidance in carrying out a complete infrared survey on your site
  • Software training, and report format generation in accordance with industry best practice
  • Infrared camera purchasing advice
  • Auditing of your existing infrared inspection program

Onsite Infrared Training Courses

If you have four or more employees that need training and certification, an on-site infrared training course may be right for you.

  • Several people can be trained and certified quickly
  • Travel expenses for employees are eliminated
  • Onsite infrared training is customized to meet your particular needs
  • Courses are scheduled at times convenient for you
  • Curricula may be modified to meet your company’s specific needs

Thermography Refresher Course

IPI Learning offers a range of thermography refresher courses for experienced thermographers, who have already completed a certified IPI Learning or Infraspection Institute infrared training course. Infrared thermography is a dynamic technology that is constantly evolving so our course content is constantly being updated. If it has been several years since you attended a course, joining us for a current course can provide you with up-to-date information that will help to keep your training fresh
On-site thermography refresher courses are also available and are ideal for groups of four or more thermographers. Responding to the need for a thermography refresher course, Infraspection Institute graduates may audit our currently available training courses at a substantial discount. We have two options for individuals to audit our courses:

  • Open enrolment – You may attend any one of our regularly scheduled, open enrolment classes advertised on our course schedule. Course tuition includes a new course manual, daily meals and refreshments, and written proof of attendance.
  • Distance Learning – Our Distance Learning Courses allow thermographers to audit our courses from their home or office whenever it’s convenient for them. Course tuition includes a new course manual and standard ground shipping of same within the contiguous 48 states.