FLIR T420 / T440

FLIR T420 / T440 As electronics continue down their ever-shrinking path, there is always a leap in size when you least expect it. The FLIR T420 takes the cake on a compact mid-resolution thermal [...]

Fluke Ti25

Fluke Ti25 From the minute you pickup the Fluke Ti25 you know that you are holding a quality Fluke instrument. Solid, firm, soft touch rubber with plenty of FLUKE yellow… all these things are [...]

Trotec IC080-LV

Trotec IC080-LV If you think this camera bears a striking resemblance to the American based PTI-170, or the SDS Hotfind then you would be spot on. The OEM of this particular product is SAT [...]

Flir i7

The Flir i7 is the top of the range model in Flir’s new entry level “i” series thermal imaging infrared cameras. As such it supports the larger sized 120×120 which provides a respectable 14,400 [...]

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